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Room Additions

The irony is.... that most of our customers are empty nesters! This may seem to be in reverse order... One might want space when the kids are living at home, but then there is often a financial component. Now the want is for rooms for grandchildren and expanded families, or if the house is small to start with, rooms may be opened and expanded.. but then a full new replacement room needed. Houses that had simple bedrooms a generation ago now give way to the "master suite" where one has a separate bathroom right next to it. There's as many "additions" as there are personality types. Here's a couple examples of our work..


This project began with a client with a large, but underused formal living room, and a small, but overused kitchen. We took out a wall between the two and expanded the kitchen and added a great room where the entire family could get together on those special occasions.


Project  2... yes, photo #1 is slightly distorted because of the wide angle lens used.. but we assure you, the walls ARE straight. This was a room addition so that aging parents could be brought into the main family initially. The original "add" was a bedroom with a full independent bath. Later the bedroom was converted to the family room you see here. This client has been with us for various projects for over twenty years.