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Home Theatre

Home Theaters are becomming more and more popular as conventional theatre prices go up; some theaters present safety issues, travel time can be saved.. plus the entertainment value for group of friends is incalucable. Add to the fact one has untold convenience.... plus a "theatre" allows for the viewing of television. Watching a major sporting event is just like being there.. without the crowds. Finally, this is one area where electronic component prices seem to drop every year. Whether you are a young single or a seasoned senior, a home theatre IS in your future sometime.. and you'll never regret it.

The project shown encompassed removing two bedrooms, lowering floor levels, and theatre room size is approximately 14' x 30' with a 12' ceiling. Screen size shown is 66" x 130". Ceiling is star-lit with fibre optic twinkle stars; recessed accent lights, and of course surround sound (TV components installed by separate contractor).


Popcorn, Anyone? ? ? ?