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Full House Remodeling

A full house remodeling, as we think of it, is a project where we have had a building that has had structual failure of some sort. This goes beyond our other work where we were able to utilize key components, mainly foundation and strucural walls. The difference may seem mute at first, but in terms of making a building safe and usable, there are substantial differences.  Unfortunately the pictures that are shown tend to focus more on the visible and cosmetic aspects, but be assured, Boice Building Inc can handle all needs regardless of size or complexity, and again.. we do this with direct employee labor and not with subcontractors.

This house was suffering from structural failure of the roof, and was only a short time from complete roof collapse. We added a second floor with a new truss system, added new siding, and as you can see, a new porch roof.


This is our only example of a commercial project on this site. Again, the roof was failing. We started by removing the exisiting roof structure, then  raising the new   room with a truss system. Concrete floors were then raised and the front was bricked and new garage doors added. Building still remains in service after 28 years..