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Deck Projects

Everyone loves getting outside in the summer and a deck can add so much to a home's enjoyment.  But the homeowner must be careful... a deck with the wrong materials can be more of a problem than and enjoyment. Boice  can and will assist you in creating your minimum maintenace deck that you can truly enjoy... Note we did not say "no maintenance"... because there truly isn't any such thing. This page shows you two examples..

Deck Project #1 was but part of a larger project which included landscaping and a retaining wall, brick paver patio (where umbrella sits), a connecting walk ramp to the deck,  plus a second story walk out from the home. Safety and convenience is all important both in proper railing and weight bearing calculations. The convenience factor is seen in the ramp as it's far easier to negotiate than stairs, plus this allows handicap access from outside if ever required.

Deck #2 is a multlevel, but shows stairs. This deck is a complete circular configuration surrounding the house. This is a true radius and not segmented.. ask us about the differences.