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This is a sampling of two  basement jobs.

Both are in Butler County and involved converting an unfinished basement into a usable family room.

Basment photo1In this project which was done in 30 year old home, we added the brick wall, oak paneling, suspended ceilings. These are primarily cosmetic. This went in under a garage which presented water leakage and appropriate masonry work was done to insure that the room would be secure and dry. New hot water baseboard heating was added to insure winter comfort; a kitchenette was completed with new plumbing, and the project was finished with installation of carpet which was an owner choice. This project was designed on paper with the owner before the construction began.

JOB #2 involved a 60+ year old home and at the beginning had only unfinished basement with concrete block walls, no heat, a rough concrete floor, and the family's only use was for laundry. The room was dark, cold, and genrally unpleasant. Working with the client, we learned what the usage objective would be, and we designed a plan for year round use, including a play area for the kids... this included a half door for the kids (and toys), plus providing a entertainment center for the family. Other work included the obvious.. walls, heat, suspended ceiling, lighting.

        basement image 3   Basementimg 2

These are but two jobs in our extensive portfolio. We'll be happy to work with you for YOUR project.